What does The Apartment Consultant do for its clients?

We help investors like you build a financial fortress through apartment investing. The Apartment Consultant consults and works hands-on with getting new investors their first apartment investment property. We also consult hands-on with current property owners in taking their investing business to the next level. And we consult hands-on with property owners who have problems such negative cash flow, no equity, management problems, loan issues, or facing foreclosure.

What is the Mission Statement of The Apartment Consultant?

It’s quite simple – “Helping people help other people help people”.

In what states within the US will The Apartment Consultant work in?

We work in all states within the US, and have current projects in California, the Southwest, the Midwest, and the East Coast. The Apartment Consultant Headquarters is located in San Francisco and a support office in the Boston region.

How did The Apartment Consultant originate?

Peter Harris saw a need for apartment investors who are experiencing average or well-below average results in their apartment investments. He discovered, often times, that it was a lack of knowledge in key areas that seemed to “lock-up” their cash-flows, equity, and profits. And once these key areas were addressed, a turnaround in the performance of the property was realized.

How can The Apartment Consultant assist me with my “distressed” property?

Depending on the level of distress, we’ll meet with you, diagnose the problems, find the root causes, offer solutions, help you implement them, and see the results to the end. Think of us as your long-time family doctor for your apartment investment.

I am an experienced investor. How can The Apartment Consultant help me?

Have you ever given thought to taking your investment business to the next level? Would you like to diversify your investing into different facets of apartment investing? Or how about brainstorming ideas on maximizing your portfolio? Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you.

What size apartments does The Apartment Consultant work on?

We’ll take on duplexes on up to hundreds of apartment unit complexes. We have hands-on experience from the simple duplex to the intricate and complex abandoned 300+-unit apartment communities.

Does The Apartment Consultant work on other types of properties?

We believe in specializing in our passion – apartment investing. Our goal is to be extremely effective in one property type – apartments (large and small). From our experience, there is power in focusing.

Does The Apartment Consultant act as a real estate brokerage company?

No, we partner with owners, brokers, agents, property managers, and asset managers in several states. We consider these relationships as good as gold. We are consultants and bring critical pieces of the puzzle together with the client’s end-result in mind.

How do I get in contact with The Apartment Consultant?

Simply by phone or e-mail. Call us at (415) 657-3397. Or e-mail us at info@TheApartmentConsultant.com.

Can I hire The Apartment Consultant to speak at my upcoming event?

Yes, please contact Peter directly at Peter@TheApartmentConsultant.com for scheduling, logistics, and subject matter.

Can I hire The Apartment Consultant to provide my company with on-site training and training materials on investing?

Yes, please contact Peter directly at Peter@TheApartmentConsultant.com for scheduling, topics of training, logistics, and duration.

Who do I contact if I’m having technical problems with the website or products?

Please call Becky in Client Care at (415) 657-3397 or e-mail her at Becky@TheApartmentConsultant.com. She’s awesome!